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Luxury Rigid box 

Luxury rigid boxes are used to enclose different products, like drinks and watches. They are also used to enhance the presentation of the products. We offer a variety of shapes and designs for packaging various products. 


We are one of the largest suppliers of luxury Rigid box in India. we have over 1,000 kinds of rigid boxes for our customers. we offer a variety of solutions for you to create presents that are both functional and beautiful.

From custom printed paper to cardboard materials, we have the solutions to meet all your needs. there are different types of foam inserts available in rigid gift boxes. These include EVA/PEBlister, paper board inserts, and foam covered with velvet or satin. most of the time, we produce rigid boxes for small orders. these boxes are manufactured from two parts, which are particleboard and packaging paper. Our luxury rigid boxes are made from rigid chipboard. they have great structural integrity and are built on request




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Fancy Box



Our logo printing options are in the following:

  • Offset / PMS / Digital printing

  • Hot stamping foil

  • Debossing / Embossing

  • Spot UV 

Our Luxury rigid boxes are designed to meet the exact requirements of your brand. we provide a wide range of customization options based on your exact requirement. we are always there to inspire your sturdy luxury Rigid  boxes. Small Luxury gift boxes or large clothing packaging boxes have many inspirations to help you decide the final packaging concept. 

Look at our packaging and expect to know the packaging style or special finish that suits your product in your budget. either by changing the shipping method or adjusting the finish, we will help you develop it for you.

Hamper Box

Nowadays, many people are drawn to luxury products, which also need luxury yet eye-catching and protective packing solutions. In this regard, Purchase rigid boxes cardboard, and Kraft paper made custom-made exclusive rigid boxes play an essential function for various services in attracting their target market and elegantly communicating their messages. Our Luxury rigid box can be customized in any kind of layout and also form per your needs. 

Today, what a specific observes in a product is its packaging. If its product packaging is unqualified, it surely puts a demerit on the item promotion. A brand name ends up being preferred among clients today by providing its products to its valued client, which demands to be kept alluringly. Here at Buy Rigid boxes, our personalized deluxe Rigid boxes are a perfect choice for any brand, as they are crafted to cover the useful product that a person intends to provide to their enjoyed one.

The perfectly generated custom luxury rigid boxes for grant enhancing depiction and tones are suitable for enhancing the value of the presents and the sender. Get Buy rigid boxes offers a variety of materials for rigid boxes, consisting of cardboard and Kraft, so the clients can effortlessly pick one that matches their spending plan and demand.

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