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Filler Up! The Best Tips for What to Put in a Mother's Day Gift Box

When it comes to finding the perfect Mother’s Day gift, it’s all about thinking outside the box – literally. Instead of a traditional gift, why not surprise Mom with a beautiful gift box filled to the brim with her favorite things? From gourmet food and drink to luxurious pampering products, we’ve rounded up the best tips for what to put in a Mother’s Day gift box,

List of your mom's favorite things

What should you include in a Mothers Day gift box? If you are stuck on what to put inside, consider your mom's favorite things. Here is a list of thoughtful items you could include: A handwritten note expressing your love and appreciation. Sometimes the simplest things mean the most. Her favorite type of flower or plant. A piece of jewelry that she can wear and think of you whenever she sees it. An item from her childhood or youth that holds sentimental value.