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    The empty colorful gift boxes are the most basic, yet essential part of your packaging. It should be able to hold any kind of product, from food items to flowers and even clothing. The gift boxes for packing are usually made out of cardboard with high-quality material. You will usually see these boxes in the shape of an open square or rectangle, with a little slit on one end. The slit allows you to slide in your product without damaging it. The size of a gift packing box can vary depending on the product you are trying to package inside it. If you are packaging food items such as cookies or pastries, a size would be appropriate. However, if you are packaging clothes or similar products, you may want to consider using a larger size so that they can fit properly inside the box.


    About this item:


    • Generously sized: This Gift box measures 23 x 24 x 12cm, providing ample space for your gifts and goodies.
    • Glossy finish: The glossy surface of this gift packing box adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to your gift presentation.
    • Multipurpose packaging: Ideal for various occasions, including birthdays, weddings, holidays, and more. It's perfect for creating stunning gift hampers.
    • Sturdy construction: Designed to hold up to 5 kilograms of gifts and treats, ensuring your presents stay safe and secure during transportation.
    • Vibrant green color: The large cardboard box comes in a beautiful green shade that's sure to make your gifts stand out.
    • Versatile use: Use this packing box for gifting, storage, or organizing various items, making it a versatile addition to your packaging supplies.
    • Personalize your gifts: Decorate and customize the box to match the theme or occasion, adding a personal touch to your presents.
    • Eco-friendly option: Made from recyclable materials, this gift boxes for packaging is an eco-conscious choice for your packaging needs.
    • Impress with presentation: Enhance the overall gift-giving experience by choosing this high-quality, spacious hamper box for your special occasions.
    • Easy assembly: The box is easy to assemble, saving you time and effort when preparing your gift presentations.


    Large Gift Hamper Box (Green)

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